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Mar. 5th, 2011

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Aug. 19th, 2010

still here, my dears.

oh for cryin' out loud! another 6 weeks since i posted!

thanks for the comments last time, guys, was good to know someone even saw it!

ok, i'm gonna dive right into a super-quick recap of my april (APRIL!) birthday trip to SF...

dylan picked me up at 4am. headed south, got sheila and hit the road. was dark most of the way to the city of course, and it was raining most of the way too.

i guess i started driving around petaluma. we got to SF right at 9am, perfect time! turned onto park presidio/19th avenue. went to the bashful bull down by the ocean for breakfast. this little cutie was in a booth behind us:

after a yummy breakfast we got onto the great highway, went past the cliff house and all that, and then turned east. got to the legion of honor...it was still raining like crazy.

saw the cartier jewels show...it was fun to see it again and fun to share it with dylan and sheila. i bough the book of the show. then we went around and looked at the rest of the museum.

here's voltaire telling me age ain't nothin' but a number:

after all that it was time for lunch. we headed back on 19th to irving and went to kevin's pho...third time!

with our tummies all warm, we next headed to clement street. loaded up on dim sum and dyl bought a bunch of stuff at the huge asian market. it was getting to be early afternoon, and we still had a 5 hour drive home. the rain never let up the whole time we were in the city.

but i didn't care, i was having a GREAT birthday.

it's only a five minute drive from clement to the GGB:

and 5 hours later, we were home! it was a 16 hour day, but it didn't seem like it at all! oh, here's a nice pic of my traveling companions at the legion of honor:

anyhoo, that was my birthday. thanks for reading, say hi if you can. let's see just how soon i post again.



Jul. 6th, 2010


went to courthouse, had SCRAM bracelet removed*

was my first time going through a metal detector (well, i haven't flown in over 20 yrs)

all i had to remove was my keys. OMG, they have DOG BOWLS to put your stuff in. DOG BOWLS!

went to library, returned john waters book and suze rotello's dylan book. picked up a prince bio, a huge zappa book, and dylan's chronicles vol 1. i really hate the typeface in that book, i never bought the paperback for just that reason.

i found out last week you can renew book online. michael, meet the 21st century.

planted some bulbs dylan brought over this morning, and had some fried rice he left me.

the garden he put together along the fence in the backyard is looking real good:

where have i been for the last almost-three-months?

right here. fucking facebook has really killed my attention span levels for writing anything longer that a haiku.

but i'm back.

also, i've been taking pictures. of flowers. lots and lots of flowers.

see here: http://nothing-but-flowers.tumblr.com/

shit i still need to tell you about my one-day trip to SF and back on my birthday.

whoever "you" are....if you see this say howdy, if you can.

back real soon.


*i'm JOKING! i just had to pay a late property tax bill.

Apr. 8th, 2010

san francisco quickie recap (with lots of links) part 2.

ok, back.

the reading was great. was wonderful to finally meet dennis. and meeting john waters, wow!

sat with erin, the wife of mark gluth, who was also reading from his book. mark and erin were very cool. kevin killian was there, i sent him my SF photo book and he sent me his new book "impossible princess".

also reading was james greer, who used to write for spin and was in guided by voices at one time, AND used to be kim deal's boyfriend, can you imagine?

actually there were a lot of sorta-famous people there. here's a bunch of pics from the reading:

got my pic taken with mr. waters as you might have seen a few entries back. oh, here's me with dennis:

after the reading we walked down columbus to cafe macaroni and went upstairs, we had a nice long table..there might have been, hmm, 20 people there? mr. waters dropped by for a minute. i had a good time with mark and erin. greer was across from us, he's pretty cool.

oh god the waiter was cute. nice italian accent:

i sat next to writer steven trull, who knew my name from dennis's blog. he said i was "handsome" which made my night, as i was so bummed i looked like such a dweeb in the pic with waters!

had chicken and sausage and veggies, it was yummy! and some really good italian pomegranate soda...two actually. and the waiters brought us free dessert! and greer paid for the whole dinner!

got all the guys to sign their books. didn't really get to talk to dennis much but it was a truly wonderful evening.

and here's pics of the dinner!:

i asked steven about walking back through chinatown (it was almost midnight when the dinner was breaking up), and he assured me it was safe. so i had a nice walk back to the garage. got a few cool pics like this:

got back to my room, slept great.

tuesday morning walked down to the bashful bull for a great spinach and mushroom omelette. headed for the deyoung for the king tut exhibit, which of course was amazing! the audio guide was narrated by omar sharif!

finally went into the section where they have all the tribal masks, pottery, sculptures, etc. that was really wonderful. everything is lit so nice in an almost dark room. tut was like that too.

here's pics of a bunch of stuff at the deyoung:

after that all i did was get over to clement street, load up on dim sum, get it on ice in the trunk, and head home.

decided against going to amoeba this time, as my money was running short.

here's one more album of pics, just random stuff from the trip:

and lastly, here's two vids i made...one of the room at ocean park:

and a weird one shot from the top of the tower at the deyoung:

ok, that's my story and i'm stickin' to it!

sunday is my birthday. and i'm going BACK to see the cartier show again! with dylan and sheila. i'll tell ya the details next time.



san francisco quickie recap (with lots of links) part 1.

ok, it's been over 3 weeks, let's get this out of the way...

so, i left here monday afternoon. stayed in ukiah, at the royal motel. never again. was a bit funky. there was a guy next door with music going all night and visitors coming and going, but it wasn't that bad. i just grabbed some goodies at safeway, ate, watched tv and slept.

i did some arty photos of the funky room, you can see them here:

got up early, was on the road by 8am. got to the city by 10. got the legion of honor, took in the view:

well, what can i say? the cartier jewel show was incredible. stuff from liz taylor, grace kelley, the duchess of windsor...it was just amazing. couldn't take pic there, but here's an album i made of pics i found online:

saw the rest of the museum, tons of great stuff. museum pics here:

got to the motel...my credit card wouldn't go through!!!! i had to use some cash i had, then run to an atm to get some more...what it was, something i thought had gone through hadn't posted yet. i thought i was gonna have almost 200 bucks left on the card, but it was only 24! oh well, it kinda curtailed my spending, but that's ok.

had a nice room with a kitchen at the end of the courtyard:

chilled for a few hours then headed downtown. parked at the sutter/stocton garage, and walked over to north beach. got to city lights bookstore around 6:30. the reading was at 7.

ok, damn, haha, i have to stop there, i'm on lunch and time is running out. will continue this tonight, i need to get it DONE!


Apr. 4th, 2010

yikes! also: pretty music and flowers

damn, it's been almost 3 weeks since my SF trip! i just can't seen to deal with writing it all out right now, facebook seems to have killed my attention span levels. but i WILL get up to speed soon, and i notice that some of you also seem to be having the same problem.

in the meantime, here's something i did last night. i hope it doesn't come off as too new age-y, i was thinking more long the lines of side two of bowie's "low".

back soon,


Mar. 18th, 2010


omg you guys! everything was great...jewels, king tut, the reading and dinner...lots of details and pics coming soon.

ran into my ex-BF at city lights...awkward!

so yeah..a recap in a day or two.


Mar. 15th, 2010

leaving town

heading to ukiah in a few minutes.

SF tuesday.

back soon with some awesome pics, i'm sure!



Mar. 8th, 2010

trip next week, dylan emails and new songs

heading to SF next monday. here's the rough plan:

leave monday afternoon, drive 3 hrs. to ukiah, stay the night. it's funny, when i go alone i just don't feel like driving 5 hrs. and then trying to put in a full day in the city. getting old, i guess.

leave ukiah early, get to SF around 10. get a bite to eat, head to the legion of honor to see the "cartier in america" exhibit. jewels, darling. royalty and movie stars.

get to motel, chill, walk over to the ocean. head downtown for dennis's reading. there's gonna be some sort of dinner after, it's gonna be cool!

wednesday morning, quick trip to amoeba (remember i do cd/dvd shopping much better when i'm alone), head to the park and i might see the king tut show.

hit clement street, get some dim sum to bring home and head out. might stop off in mill valley to grab some stuff at mill valley market. i'd like to check our sausalito but i'll probably wait till dyl and i go down togther.

speaking of the boy, here's morning emails he's sent the last 2 days:

"hey what is up?
it is sunday, isn't it? day for clean up, i would like to see your back yard looks more fresh such as the area behind your bed room, and you can trim the fern near by make them look more pretty, would you do that for me grandpa,?

have you heard about UFO lately? becareful when you are asleep, they will take you into their ship and rape your ass. so be awake and do something around the house, such as clean up your dryer machine, and sell some of your book. have fun

i was up very late last night. did 2 songs, one short little funky thing, and one LONG dark ambient piece.

keeps me off the streets, right?

also, collaborating with antonio from alabama, who i know from cooper's and facebook. i send him some music and he's putting stuff on top of it. should be interesting.

new glasses should be here soon.

ok, off to tidy up!



Mar. 1st, 2010


good lord, its been almost a month!

it's that damn facebook, i tell ya. i post there constantly. i know more people there IRL. it's just more immediate.


i have no intention of abandoning LJ, this is the documentation of my life...or whatever.

anyhoo, just a quick one here to see if i can get back into the swing of things. there's no reason i can't post here several times a week.

steve was here from taiwan a few weeks ago. he came up for dinner, dylan made spring rolls.

after we ate i showed steve some good american television (parks and recreation, 30 rock) that he hasn't seen. you can't get hulu in taiwan.

cozy, huh?

here's a song i did over the weekend. i'm waiting for someone to say it's...racist or something.

lots of new song lately. will post more soon.

eye exam this morning. new glasses should be here next week. joseph abboud, darling.

dvd's just rented: moon, the september issue, and this is it.

don't you forget about me....



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